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  • [PSP Weekly] PSP WEEKLY Bring you 2 slots Leather Watch Box

    A lot of people are chasing leather watches boxes. It's maybe because the living standard of people is becoming higher and higher.Watch Box is not only to pack and protect the watch. It's also stand a fashion trend. leather Watch box can increase the watch quality and image, also increase people's t

  • [PSP Weekly] The dream girl -Pink Store Jewelry Box Presentation Show

    Under the shinning street light, she wears a rainbow color mask, apear in the raining night,hide under the unbrella, carrying her dress carefully,far in my dream, she dance carefully. Her dress and hair get wet in the rain, and my care is also getting wet together.Get a way from the shinning ray, she ride her pure white wing under the shinning and white moon, stop in the bay of my dream,jump into my dream carefully from the ship deck,spread out her wing carefully and dance under the moonlight, and my reminiscence is dancing together.The dream girl is always apear in the center of the dream, she drive away the dark with spelendid smile, at the dark corner, the dieing spirit is smilling abruptly. My dark emissary is disappearing in the passing time.The dream girl is wearing the dress made by moonlight,whisper with the breeze,stealthily date with the rain who is striking the banana leaf by mistak. Some times she will ride the butterfly to stir the sleepy flower, sometimes, she will ride t


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