Some Pictures From Tokyo Gift Fair
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Some Pictures From Tokyo Gift Fair

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Some Pictures From Tokyo Gift Fair

Tokyo Gift Show-东3-273

Tokyo International Gift Show is an International Gift Fair in Tokyo. It is one of the leading fairs for gifts and decorative accessories. Thousands of international exhibitors will present their new products here unf the latest trends and fashions. The exhibited products inspire the visitors to interesting ideas and show the Japanese creativity and originality.

Pink Store Package Co.,Ltd have attend the 82nd Show from 7th to 9th,Sep,2016. This is the first time to go, we have met with some local business partner, and in the following, we hope there are good cooperating opportunity,and we would like very much to be helpful in supplying our leather boxes like jewelry box,cosmetic box,watch box,wine box...and other boxes to Japan market.

Our booth in the Fair. The following are some other picture out of the show.

A setting out breakfast,surely with a large bowl of Chinese Noodle.

The Clound is so heavy, really want to jump into it, and have a good rest and dream!P60904-132305
On the Plane,  but already in the clound above Japan land, under the cloud is Japan Rural area, which look the same with Chinese Rural Area. Very Green Look.


Arrived and coming out of  Narita International Airport, a long quene for custom checking.
Get of our the airport.
Get of our the airport.
Aged bus driver, it's similar case with HK. People even work when aged. While in Mainland, it's hardly seen aged drivers.
The airport parking. The new and clean shinny car, and the short car number empressed me a little.
Hehe, Supper time! Rice,rice.
We heard the Tokyo Tower is near the hotel, feel very excited and walk there in 10 mins. It's not so empressed, but still we took some picture and try to make it look nice.

Do you like Japanese animation/cartoons? So cute!


Tokyo City Street!
The palace square where The emperor of Japan live. The emperor of Japan is showing several times a year. Emperor of Japan is a signal of Japanese nationality and culture, even they don't manage the country, but they are well expected. 
Store selling snack and gifts. Again the shop owner is very aged grandfather. The guide explain that japanese people is very deligent, when they get retired, they still like to work because they don't know what to do. This spirit is what I admire.
The black pile grown in the square is very precius. It's said that the japanese knight kill themselves under the pile tree when they failed a mission. I can feel that how japanese people feel about the pile tree.

Around the square are very mordern CBDs, the mordern and history standing together makes me think of the trace of times.
I don't know when this lady come into my camera, I like the way she walk. So lively.P60905-095503
What a pair!Manager and his wife.
The Japanese temple is so hot, which is unexpected.My roomate in hotel!

Lunch time! Everybody is hungry, because the noodle is a few. Japanese poeple each a little.P60905-214209
Lovely Tin box with tea inside, gifts for my colleagues.P60906-204639
Go hotspring, very excited. I loves the shower cloth, very japanese style. And eating in the hotspring is very interesting.
Too exicted, but we missed the bus. And the taxi is very expensive. So, out guide is teaching us to get in the train. Also feel excited.P60909-195212P60909-195650

A lot of shopping time!
A birthday party in Japan, quite interesting.
Leaving the hotel!

Shopping time again before leaving Japan.

Finally, we are back!
The look of Guangzhou City night is so beautiful. Under the thin clound, the night is more misterious.


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